Friday, November 16, 2007


TREE TOPS has been created entirely by using hand knitted pieces of varying shades of green. There is some beading, used to generate light. I have, hopefully, created depth and texture in this design of a stand of trees. A very heavy piece due to the amount of yarn used

Size: 12 x 32 x 4 ins

Mounted on ready to hang canvas


Dianne said...

This is amazing!! I would love to go for a walk in this forest - I bet there would be lots of faeries in hiding in these trees...

Ann Christine Dennison said...

I love this, great idea!
Congratulations on your article on BBC Lancashire, I loved the work that was up in the gallery!
By the way I come from Bury Lancashire and my Mum still is living there :-)I moved over to Denmark when I was 23.