Sunday, August 12, 2007


32 x 21 x 2 ins


As twilight turns to night and sweeps her cloak around our Earth promising another day for us all, we should remember that life on Earth could so easily be taken away.
From skies to deserts, from forests to plains we must all bear the burden of responsibility. Keep the Oceans free from pollution to sustain the life within them and it is us, mankind, that is causing the polar ice caps to melt with future generations facing the devastating consequences.
Throughout the solar system it is our planet, Earth, that is by far the most beautiful and it is up to each and everyone of us to keep it that way.
One Earth One Chance.

Representing : the sky, deserts, fields, rain forests, rocks, soil, oceans and rivers, ice, savannah and plants and the sunlight and rain that sustains us all.
Let us all be kind to the Earth that lets us live.


Dianne said...

You need to look at this in close up to see all of the fantastic detail - the grasses, the beading the different textures and colours. This piece is just beautiful Susan - I love it!! Yes, we definitely need to nuture our wonderful Earth.

Emmy said...

I agree with dianne your work